not my real portrait

Hello! I am an interactive media designer based in Singapore.

What exactly does that mean?

For a long while, it means Flash Designer / Developer. I created interactive presentations in place of static PPT. This made a lot of business development managers very happy.

I created prototypes of user interface for consumer electronic products. This made a lot of graphic designers less angry with the engineers.

I created interactive visualisations of how electronic products work. You click a few menus and a virtual product lights up as it should be in real life…if it gets manufactured. This gained me a lot of product designer friends.

I even made a few silly games, learning physics and programming gravity and accelerations. It was great fun.

I organised information from researchers and put them into business packages. I also created websites to publish the research online.

Which in hindsight was a good thing as it made my transition to a no flash world easier.

Nowadays, I make websites for small businesses and corporate clients. And thus I might be a web designer or front-end developer. JavaScript is not so different from ActionScript 3.  Phew!

I like organising information. I like flowcharts and wireframes that snap to grid lines. Icons that are nicely aligned. I still do those on websites and apps. Some people started calling me an UX designer. I’m not sure I know everything about UX.

But then, I’m not sure what is the correct title to call myself since the beginning. So i think i’ll call myself Web / UX Designer for the time being.

To me, the key feature of interactive media is that it reacts to the audience. Adding UX to it means defining the context for a good experience for a user.

I believe for that to happen, good visuals have to go hand in hand with equally good technical execution, backed by solid business analytics.

My edge is in my ability to combine good visual design with my technical abilities. I stand at the intersection of design, coding and business. That i think is what makes me happy, to learn and apply the best of all worlds.

Thank you for reading my introduction 🙂

I am reachable at my email kimchuan.law@gmail.com