I like wearables

I have a Pebble time steel on my left hand. And a fitbit charge hr on my right.

The reason for the fitbit is heart rate monitor. And the fitness tracking is much better, but that’s another story. That’s my motivation in wearing the fitbit. I need it to do something for me. The motivation is functional.

My Pebble made me wear the fitbit because it is lacking. However, I realised my motivation for wearing the Pebble is that I enjoy it. Though it may be lacking, I like wearing it. I like admiring it.

I think that’s what made my Pebble special. Pebble has a special kind of goofy charm that appeals to me. Even with the time steel aspirations of being more fashionable, the Pebble appeals to me at a level different from functions.

Maybe because it is the underdog now in the face of behemoths. Maybe it was because it blazed the smart watch trail.

I like my Pebble.

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