I’m a sucker for the Descendants of the Sun


My first Korean drama and I chose one of the best to get into it. A middle age guy liking this cute romance drama. I guess I’m not exactly the target demographic. But man, this is good!

My impression of kdramas are not good. Long, draggy, everyone cries too much and evil mother in laws. I thought most kdramas are like either like soap opera or people backstabbing one another in palace settings.

Well, I was wrong. My first impression of DOTS is it reminded me of the Japanese drama that I liked. Great production, beautiful shots and always left me feeling a mixed of poignant and positivity.

One thing that stands out for The Descendants of the Sun is the soundtrack. Music to me is very important as it adds a lot to a story. The music of DOTS is absolutely fantastic and is one of the defining feature when watching the series.

Long time ago, I had a thing for soppy Japanese drama and looking back, I think one of the reason they got me is the music too. That as well as their short format (12 episodes for jdrama). There is no long drawn beating around the bush and instead focus on building up the characters and their emotions.

With good musc, concise writing and a good blend of seriousness, soppiness, humour (big fan of this), romance. That for me makes a good story.

I think sometimes I’m afraid of going into a good story is the world that they created are so powerful that the withdrawal is always hard. Maybe that’s why I can rewatch a drama multiple times and play a game for a few years. I enjoy my stories like my tea, in small sips, savouring the flavours and hoping foolishly it won’t end (yet don’t want it to drag pointlessly).

When it all ends, a happy ending is a must for me. I read/watch/listen to stories as a form of escapism. I don’t need to feel shitty when the story ends. Give me a happy ending anytime. You an twist all you want, but give me my happy closure. I think the writers of DOTS agreed.

Drama series are a big time sink. As I “grow up”, I steered clear of series as I know one might come along and sucker me in.

And now I’m in one. Damn it.




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