Addiction. It’s not a real addiction if you don’t realised it.

The thing about addiction is that you can’t help it even though you are aware.

I can count a number of times where I know I’m addicted to something. It’s quite interesting to note that when an addiction kicks in, I am actually very aware of it and actively hide it.

I guess this is very common as addiction is often associated with weakness and illness.

I wonder what causes addiction and does it have any relation to depression.

Is it possible that addiction is just a more enlightened term for being bewitched? Or enchanted?

A state of mind where you knowingly submit temptation even though you know you should fight it.

How do you fight it? I can analyse it, dissect it and come out with all sorts of rationales for it. But that’s not it. That’s just answer some questions:

Is it harmful to my body?
How long can it last?
Will it cause any damage to my live?

Being aware of an addiction can either make it more powerful to fight against, or afford me a chance to gain some control.

If the addiction not too lethal, I usually just indulge in it discreetly until it passes. I believe all enchantment spells has a duration. The power it has over you cannot last forever. I hope I’m right.

And that’s my sorry excuse for binge watching soppy Korean dramas.

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