Parenthood achievement unlocked!

I guess you don’t get to be a real parent if you didn’t endure the halls of a children hospital, waiting for the doctor to see what has happened to your sick child.

I think I got this achievement unlocked. I learned a few new diseases name. Like bronchiolitis and pertussis. The latter is a infectious disease commonly known as whooping cough and is a pain in the ass, no lungs actually.

I guess my reaction to this is usually just take it one step at a time and put my trust in the healthcare givers. So far, KKH is doing ok in my book.

The other problem is my child has to be quarantined at home. So, no school and work. This is the not so obvious side effect of parenthood on one’s career.

The government wonders why people don’t have more babies.

I think I just found one big reason for that.