Becoming boring 

​I am becoming boring. All my conversations inevitably leads to my kids. I lost a few hobbies along the way too. 

From the outside, I might even looked pathetic. I might evoke sympathy walking the hard path of parenting. 

But what does it look like inside?

Do I get mad at myself or my life? Do I lament the loss of my Sunday run or oil painting session?

No. That is my conclusion. I’m not mad. 

One is always happy to talk about things that interest them. They love discussions, comments about their favorite drama, band, celebrity, sports etc. 

Pushing further, my guess is everyone loves to talk about their passion. You have fan clubs, sub-reddits, forums etc. Birds of the same feathers flock together. 

My passion is my kids. They are not just my interest. I really think they are very interesting. Much more than I think of myself.

That is why I’m becoming boring. To you. But if we share the same passion, I won’t be. It’s the same for everyone. Boring…